Paul Sardella

Paul began working in 1976 at age 18. He is the son of co-founder Victor "Sye" Sardella Jr. Being raised in the business he started his time at Gervic by cleaning up around the stores, punching holes in color cards, asking questions as he watched, to finally becoming a specialist in the Paint Industry. He has accumulated so much knowledge from being around the family that he feels honored to serve the community and be able to give back just a fraction of his know-how when it comes to making the right choices for your painting needs.

Theresa " Terry" Sardella Worden

Daughter of Co- founder Gerald Sardella. Started working behind the scenes in 1977 at 17 years of age. Learning the ropes of the bookkeeping end is where she began but by 1980 she started working the floor. In the 80's Terry started taking classes at the school of interior design and became a certified color consultant. When joining her family on the sales floor she started offering color consulting, paint, wallpaper, and decorating ideas. After 40 years, Terry still works the sales floor making homes and beautiful daily.

Gerald Sardella Jr.

Son of Co-founder Gerald Sardella. Started working for the business in 1976 at 18 Years old. His interests were in the Auto body industry focusing on paints and supplies. After 41 years, Gerald Still works the sales floor and runs the automotive department with his son following behind.

Gerald "Jerry" Sardella III

I've worked for Gervic's for the last 5 years, and worked in the paint industry for the last 12. I have experience in both architectural, and automotive coatings. I've done every job at Gervic's, from delivery driver to sales representatives. I've been trained by ppg in automotive and another company for architectural. It's my goal to assist the customer in all aspects of the business. I take great pride in my knowledge and will continue to learn and grow so I make be able to always give the best possible service.

Steven "Stevie" Catizone

Stevie has worked for Garlic's for 36 years, starting at the age of 19. He works in the automotive department, doing all aspects of the department, along with product knowledge and application training. He now does outside auto body sales, calling and servicing all automotive shop accounts on a weekly basis as well as working the sales floor.

Roman Taylor

I have worked for Gervic Paints for over 2 years. I started as a delivery driver for the auto body shops and now currently work the sales floor in the auto body department. Roman has had PPG training to help assist the customer with the proper application of our products and have the knowledge to answer questions to the best of my ability. I strive for the best customer service to make sure all of the customers leave satisfied.